When your stopped at the traffic lights can you feel an annoying vibration feeling!

It a very common problem and it's caused by 'worn isolating bushes' on the air suspension compressor.

In brief: the compressors job is to keep the air suspension systems 'reservoir tank' fully topped up with compressed air, the vibration you can feel is when the compressor starts up. 

This vibration is normally absorbed by these 'isolating bushes' however, overtime they tend to wear out.

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Fitting air suspension rubber isolating bushes.

The kit consists of three rubber isolating bushes, these are the cause of the nasty vibration traveling through your range rover every time your air suspension pump fires up.

You may notice a very slight difference between these bushes and the ones fitted to your vehicle, this is due to Land Rover upgrading the design.

This is the location of your air suspension valve block and pump. the top cover once removed will show the contents as in the picture below. To remove the cover simply push the two retaining levers positioned at the front of the valve block, note the rear of the valve block cover is hinged.
Note. There is no need to remove the valve block from the vehicle, we have done so for ease of photography

The air suspension pump is located on three isolating bushes, these are the ones which you are going to change.

Using and 8mm spanner or socket set, remove the nuts holding the pump in place. You will then be able to slightly lift the pump off of the threaded bar.
Once lifted off the threaded bar you will see the bushes can be easily replaced, you may find it easier to remove the old ones by using a small flat bladed screw driver to push them down and out. 

When inserting the new bushes, insert them from under the pump with the coned edge pointing upwards, you may also find this easier by using a small flat bladed screwdriver but be careful not to damage the new bushes.

Put it all back together the same way it came apart: 
If everything worked as it should, that annoying vibration should be gone. If you have any problems, questions or suggestions please email us,
  Telephone help: 07710 359319