Fitting a replacement air suspension pump.

Before attempting any work on the air suspension system it is important to note that the system is still active for up to half an hour after turning off the engine your range rover. To avoid any EAS faults being displayed we advise that you disconnect the battery prior to changing the air suspension compressor.

Note: Always make sure you have the EKA code (emergency key access code) before disconnecting the battery.

This is the location of your air suspension valve block and pump. The top cover once removed will show the contents as in the picture below. To remove the cover simply push the two retaining levers positioned at the front of the valve block, note the rear of the valve block cover is hinged.
Note. There is no need to remove the valve block from the vehicle, we have done so for ease of photography

The air suspension pump is held in place via three isolating bushes. Using an 8mm spanner or socket set, remove the nuts securing the pump in place. 

You will now be able to lift the pump slightly to gain access to the blue inlet pipe running between the pump to the valve block. 

Using a suitable spanner, undo this pipe, then  unplug the electric cable at the socket and you will be able to lift the pump from the vehicle. 

The pump is refitted by following the instructions in the reverse order.

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